Hashtag Symbol On Letter Board

Instagram Latest Hashtag Update: Everything you need to know

Almost everyone uses Instagram hashtags for better reach, but not everyone uses them correctly to maximise their organic traffic. We’ve gathered below the latest updates on how to use hashtags by Instagram. Let’s take a deep dive into this and find out more! What Are Instagram Hashtags? Instagram is an ocean of content, and hashtags […]

Apple Mail Privacy

Apple Announces Mail Privacy Protection

Apple is all set to apply for Mail Privacy Protection, which leads to speculations among email marketers. Let’s clear the air and understand this in more detail. What is Mail Privacy Protection? (MPP) When someone sends mail to the user, they can track whether the user has opened the mail or not. They also can […]

Pricing Psychology

17 Ways To Sell More With Psychological Pricing

Has this ever happened to you where you’ve gone out to a shopping mall to buy the thing you need, but you’ve ended up purchasing more than anticipated? It happens a lot—those tempting sales, discounts and offers. You can’t seem to hold yourself back. As a seller or marketer, let’s deep dive into psychological pricing […]