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Get consulting on Amazon, eBay, Linkedin, Instagram, UX/UI, video marketing, digital marketing so much more…

Whether it’s building a business on Amazon, or understanding
the fundamentals of how to drive the channels you want to participate in, we can help. Reach, Convert and Grow more customers across multiple channels with our complete tailored consulting service.

Why Use Our Digital Consulting And Marketing Services?

When it comes to the digital arena, it’s not just about technology, it’s about how you reach your customers. 

Understanding what channels, and platforms you need to participate in, this will help to shape your business towards an upward trend; towards positive growth.

What makes a winning digital marketing strategy? The Customer. Let’s work together to uncover who your target audience is and what their needs and motivations are. If you’re not sure what channels to participate in don’t worry. We’ll help you choose the right channels to reach your audience and drive customers to purchase.

Consulting Services We Provide

Get a better understanding of how to enter or work within Amazon. We can help your Amazon sales through our strategic guidance.

Let us help you set up you Amazon account, provide you with keyword research, Amazon advertising, product listing, copywriting and more.

Whether you’re just getting starting out, or you’ve been selling on Amazon for awhile, we can help by being that extra resource supporting your growth on Amazon.

Get your eBay marketplace working for you. With more than 180+ million registered users, you can grow your online business. Let us help build or manage your eBay channel, through our strategic guidance. Let us show you how to list goods for sale, increase customer interest, promote auctions through to processing and fulfilling orders.

Whether you’re just getting started with eBay, or have been doing it for awhile and need to up the anti.
We are here to help you!

Facebook / Instagram
Get your social media right, and it will become a powerful channel to reach your target audiences. Our approach to all things social media, is to focus on strategic amplification of content.

We can help manage your Facebook/Instagram account, production of engaging content, community management and the governance of social content. We can help you reach the right customers at the right time, with the right messaging. We can also support you with paid social media campaigns, for Facebook and Instagram.

Get linked to other professionals and industries all in the one place. Linkedin is an influential social media network with more than 575+ million members. Let us help you create your own success, by using Linkedin for your business.

Let us help you set up your Linkedin account, boost your profile, support you by creating engaging unique content, and build awareness of your brand. 

Get an online check of your existing website with Web UX/UI. UX or User Experience is not about just how you website looks but how does it work for your users/customers. We will review your interface for any usability issues, and assess what can be improved.

We will rate your website or web application on how it adheres to best practices, and reviewing user interface principles, turning all this into actionable integrations for positive user-experience.

Video Production / Marketing
Get your video production and video editing for you online marketing. YouTube being the second largest search engine. YouTube retains as the most widely used channel for video marketing. With endless ways of video creating content, from how-to videos, to showcasing your brand products and service.

According to Wyzowl. 84% of markets say video has helped them increase traffic to their website. 

Our Step Process

Let’s start a discussion!
This is where we get to learn more about you, your business your ideas. We’ll help uncover you business USP, target audience, objectives, your business goals.
Now we get to discover!
We deep dive into your brands market, further discover your customer needs, all this  through strategic research and this is where it gets interesting. We love to market discover and bring it all forward into your brands marketing mix, to further support your business goals.
Proposal Time
At this phase, we start to build out your online marketing strategy. We will thoroughly go through the whole proposal with you. Once your happy and signed off, we will guide you through the whole entire marketing / services process. You won’t be keep in the dark, like other agencies do. We just don’t work that way, and nor should you.
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